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Medical, Healthcare, Legal, Managerial and Secretarial                                                   We have  access to dedicated Medical and Surgical Consultants, Senior administrators, Healthcare and paramedical staff and Lawyers supported by excellent secretarial backup.

Medico-Legal View Point        We  can equip you with objective medical knowledge for  your legal case.

Medical Manpower                   We can provide manpower at all levels of  medical seniority.

Medical Education                    We can provide undergraduate and post graduate medical courses and  give advice on curriculum analysis and  assessment.

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Medical Education for All           We can  provide courses and advice  on  teaching Medicine.
Justice for All everybody must get  justice in    medico-legal cases . We can help you achieve  it through better understanding of medical issues.
Grievance and Appeals Investigations                                    With the help of   panel of experts, we  can conduct detailed investigations and   provide  professional reports for enquiries.

Medical Commissioning and Procurement Services                We  can advise on healthcare commissioning, procurement of medical  technology , medical audit, research and ethical  issues.


Best Medical Manpower for All
 We can help recruit  best medical and nursing staff.
Best Services, Technology and Ethics.
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